Artdeshine Ayicon General Characteristics

 Product code and Name:  Artdeshine AYICON (ADS-AY50)



(Alfred Yow Icon) Artdeshine’s signature product and workhorse, symbolising our founder’s experience and expertise in the detailing and surface protection industry. A product that has proved to be economically logical and effective for all surface protection needs.

The Ayicon is effective against all contamination and is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, UV, wear and tear, watermarks, swirls and scratches.

Designed with ease of application, the Ayicon is an efficient product for professionals in their detailing or surface protection work.

After curing, it forms a thin but dense film layer of 2-3 uMicrons.

AYICON is able to be applied manifold for effective surface protection.

  • Non-VOC
  • Non-dangerous goods/Non-flammable category.
  • Wear and abrasion resistance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low viscosity - Easy application
  • Strong alkali corrosion resistance pH12 – pH14
  • Water repelling and hydrophobic effect
BENEFITS & advantages
  • High boiling point
  • Thermal and UV resistance
  • Room temperature curing without thermal lamp
  • Re-workable without polishing process
  • Durability from 2 to 3 years (based on maintenance methods employed by Artdeshine)
  • Hydrophobicity durability from 6 to 12 months